Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Review of my work

Representation of Power

The form of circles and spheres dominant this scheme. To me circles are intrinsically powerful because of their automatic correlation to the concept of 'infinity' but also due to their properties as a form. Circles hold a lot of value in society, as wheels, as soccer balls even as bubbles. The more value something has in society, the more powerful it is.

In respect to the model, both clients have to work through a pathway covered overheard (sheltered) by semi circles as if to indicate that the clients are central to the concept of power. Both clients, like circles, hold a lot of value in society. Circles also dominate the elevators and the dining table; power is the foundation of this scheme.

Objects and levels


For the Miranda Kerr lift press P to go down and O to go up

For Helen Keller lift press U to go up and Y to go down

Developed model in sketch up


Developed Crysis model

Developed Crysis Environment (Kings Canyon)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010